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Close-up of facial stretching during face yoga session
Who is Parmita?

Ex-Miss India pacific

Mother of 2 boys

Self-image transformation specialist

Pioneer in face yoga

Parmita Katkar is a Global influencer, self-image transformation coach, Face yoga pioneer, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. 

She has empowered and inspired over 2.5 million people, mostly women, globally, through her educational videos, video conferences, and in-person sessions. 

After earning herself the title of Ms. India Asia Pacific in 2023 and Ms. Perfect 10, she pursued a successful career in Acting, modeling, and hosting television talk shows. It was during her motherhood that she found the need to rebrand and relaunch her Personal brand after facing an identity crisis. 

After her own growth escalated dramatically after her shift in Self Image perception,

She now helps other women raise their standards fearlessly to not lose yourself in the world. 

Identify, Value and define your personal brand to who you are becoming with time. 

20 Years of Self-Image Coaching

Crowned Miss India Asia Pacific, talk show host of 8 TV shows, model, actress, awarded with gold plate YouTube creator award, mother of 2 boys and Self-image transformation specialist, Parmita, has created an empire of influence by helping over 2.5 million followers globally.

now dedicated to empowering women through the cultivation of self-image, confidence, and powerful inner and natural beauty. She specializes in women’s-image consulting and provides advice specifically designed to strengthen and sharpen your presence, style and beauty.

Years of Face Yoga Mastery


Years of Personal Image Coaching


World Wide Social Media Influence


Satisfied Clients 


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