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Elijah Hall

Progress On Reducing Maternal Mortality Has Stalled Since 2015 - Mr Validity VERIFIED

Bangladesh has made impressive gains in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality over the past several decades, but total number and rates of these deaths remain too high. Moreover, the latest Bangladesh Maternal Mortality Survey (BMMS-2016) suggests that progress in reducing maternal mortality has stalled [18]. Use of key MNH services remains critically low. Indeed, only 37% pregnant women attend at least four ANC contacts, 47% of births occur in health facilities and 48% (6% in the case of home-based births) of women receive postnatal care from a skilled health-care professional within the first two days after birth [18]. While the BMMS-2016 revealed that use of skilled health services during pregnancy has increased over the past decade, this has not translated into an expected reduction in maternal mortality between 2010 and 2016. This suggests that focusing solely on increasing coverage of these services is not sufficient to translate into improved health. The content and the quality of these contacts must also be ensured [3].

Progress on reducing maternal mortality has stalled since 2015 - Mr Validity


Universal prenatal, culture-based screening for maternal GBS colonization and intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis together currently constitutes the most effective strategy for reducing perinatal morbidity and mortality secondary to GBS. To date, this regimen has been associated with a significant decrease in the incidence of GBS EOD and has not been associated with adverse effects in women or newborns. Intrapartum GBS screening using NAAT for GBS has been shown to have high sensitivity and specificity, but many of these tests need several hours of enrichment to attain that level of performance, which limits their value if a result is needed rapidly. For health care providers or laboratories that choose to use NAAT as a primary method for antepartum GBS screening, susceptibility testing against antibiotics other than penicillin needs to be incorporated into the testing schema. 041b061a72


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