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Total Call Recorder Full Version For Nokia N73 =LINK=

Total Recall Call Recorder - Total Recall by Killer Mobile is the best selling, most feature packed Symbian / S60 Call Recorder mobile app on the Planet. The Total Recall Mobile Call Recorder integrates the most cutting edge beep suppression available to deliver high quality recorded, beep free audio on most devices, and offers a rich feature set in one extremely easy to use application.Total Recall allows you to easily record all or just some of your calls either automatically (both incoming & outgoing) or manually as you need. Core Mobile Call Recording Features Include: ---------------------------------- > No Beep Automatic Or Manual Mobile Call Recording ** On many devices, Symbian^3 devices will currently NOT be beep free > Call Recording up to the Limits of your Memory in AMR or WAV formats Full dictaphone / voice recorder functionality - record memos, lectures, meetings and more! > AutoSend Recorded Audio Clips via MMS & Email (requires a native email account on your device) > Manually or Auto Send Recorded Calls via MMS, & Email > Intuitively Named Audio Clips + rename, add notes and more! > Extremely flexible Call Recording scenarios Use as a full featured dictaphone app when not on calls, start recording using a convenient hot key > Password Protection, Autostart and many more features! Total Recall is the best, most powerful Call Recorder Application Available and is just Another Killer App by Killer Mobile (R)!

total call recorder full version for nokia n73

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Unlike most other Symbian call recorders that simply record the call audio from your microphone (at low volumes) Total Recallis designed for TRUE CALL RECORDING, which results in full audio from both sides of the call on compatible devices *.The quality difference is huge. When call recording is truly important, Total Recall is the only Symbian call recorder you can trust.Plus Total Recall is backed by Killer Mobile a US based developer that's been aroundsince 2003 and contains absolutely no privacy killing spam ads, or tracking code that you'll find in the majority of call recording apps.

Main Features. Record Outgoing & Incoming Phone calls and get the files stored in directory specific to the caller ID.. Record meeting notes and get files stored in the directory specific to the meeting. Options for No BEEPs during phone call recording. AMR and WAV format recording . Unlimited recording length (limited by the available storage on device) . Voice recorder . Locate and play recorded files . Simple and easy user interface. Works in background when minimized

The Text to Speech functionality, which I was unable to fully test, is not limited to the training application. It can also be used to read out text messages. Text to Speech has been used on the S60 platform before (some phones include the option to say the name of the person making an incoming call), but the 5500 makes much wider use of it. There is support for multiple languages and natural speech - the output is designed to sound human rather than computer like, something which it succeeds reasonably well at. We can expect to see more of it in the future with a Text to speech engine with support for different voices and access for developers via APIs likely to become a standard part of the S60 offering. It interesting to see that sound, somewhat ironically given mobile phone's primary usage, is increasingly becoming the third input/output mechanism for interacting with phones. S60 has already made good progress in this area with speaker independent number dialing, voice commands and now text to speech. While voice interaction is rarely utilised on a PC, I think that it has a great deal of potential on mobile platforms. It will be interesting to see how widely these features are adopted as they become part of the standard offering.The phone's features are rounded off by the use of the S60 3rd Edition platform. This includes the S60 Web Browser with its Minimap and Page overview technology for browsing the full web. However this browser is not really suited to a screen as small as that found on the 5500 and I imagine most people will stick to mobile sites and the Services browser. In addition to primary Contacts, Messaging, Calendar, and Gallery applications, the 5500 has the standard S60 auxiliary applications, including a view-only Office suite and PDF Viewer.The 5500, with its square screen, shows off S60 3rd Edition's impressive scalable UI, with applications refitted to the screen size. However it is not without problems. Some screens use small fonts and with a screen that is physically quite small these can be difficult to make out. The 5500 is definitely not for people with poor eyesight. For those used to larger smartphone screen size the small physical size of the screen will be a major negative, but it will be less of an issue for those used to feature phones. This reflects the fact the 5500 could be summarised as a phone that sits in two camps. It is both a feature phone and a smartphone and as such is an ideal way to introduce the mass market to the delights of an open mobile OS.

Want to change your mobile phone? Now, all work and all play will make you a good boy. Mobile guru Nokia has again come up with a true corporate phone that is styled for your leisure time as well. The new Nokia 6233 mobile phone allows you to take entertainment at your work station.Nokia 6233 mobile phone has an integrated 2 mega pixel camera with 8* smooth, digital zoom. It is also equipped with landscape support mode and a full screen viewfinder. Nokia 6233 mobile phone supports video sharing and recording your favourite pictures.It has a whopping 70 MB of total memory space to store the data. It becomes the perfect device to click and record the memories of your loved ones and cherish it. So that you are able recollect those memoirs in the moments of tranquillity. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();If music is your passion, you have it here. Nokia 6233 phones enable you to soothe your nerves by its integrated MP3 player and the FM radio. You are never away from your favourite music with Nokia 6233 mobile phones in your pocket.When it comes to business, Nokia 6233 mobile phone is the smallest 3G phone from Nokia mobile phones till date. It comprises of services as streaming multimedia audio and video content, you can download the latest information around the globe. You don't have to wait for your P.A to give you the account of the day's schedule, as Nokia 6233 ensures that the itinerary is ready for your work. This phone synchronises the calendars, schedules and contacts for you. Nokia 6233 mobile phone never delays your office work. You are able to write mails to your colleagues while you are out on a vacation even if that's away from the civilization. Nokia 6233 mobile phone is definitely the phone that makes your office and entertainment in your hand anytime and anywhere. If convinced, go for it now.Nokia, mobile phones

Safari Apple has been making a big deal about the web app Safari on the iPhone. After all I don't think any other phone (at least not any that I've seen) offer a full blown web browsing experience on a tiny screen. The implementation of Safari itself on the iPhone is well done! However, there are some flaws to this strategy. Most cell phone web browsers use WAP. WAP is a way for website designers to design a low bandwidth simple version of their sites. This works well on mobile devices. However, it's true you don't get the "full page" experience. Seeing that the iPhone doesn't support 3g and uses AT&T's Edge network instead, your pages could load painfully slow. Most commercial websites detect a WAP browser and automatically direct you to a lower bandwidth version of the site without all the frills. Since the iPhone uses a full version of Safari, that won't happen automatically. So you're going to get the regular site with all the graphics, etc. It was interesting that Apple used during the introduction of the iPhone. I hadn't really used this site much, but I wanted a good movie theater listing site to be able to call up movie times quickly from the iPhone. I went to and found that while it works perfectly fine, it was too many clicks to get to my theater and too many unnecessary graphics. In this case I'm only interested in a text listing. Sure I could bookmark the page that has my local theater on it and that saves on the clicks, but it still loads a bunch of graphics that I don't need. Luckily Fandango has a mobile version of their site which if you go to you'll see what I mean. It much more streamlined and loads much faster. So from the mobile version I bookmarked the two theaters I go to the most and they load very quickly. The same is going to hold true for vs.

SMS, not iChat (instant messaging) This is another one of those, huh? type features. Texting is big on phones. There is no doubt about that. However, so is standard instant messaging between computers. Apple already supports AIM (AOL Instant Messaging) in iChat in the Mac OS. So it floors me and others that they didn't include this on the iPhone. The first thing my youngest daughter went to do when she grabbed my iPhone out of my hand, was to text her friend. I had to tell her, that's not going to work because SMS by default is only from cell phone to cell phone. She handed it back to me and walked away. Then she remembered that she could call her and ran back into the room. However, you see where the mind set is of our youth. They think texting first, voice second. We can't talk about SMS without talking about MMS. MMS is multimedia messaging. This is real handy when you snap a photo and want to immediately send the photo to a friend's phone. I've done this a lot. For whatever reason, Apple hasn't included MMS on the iPhone. Yes, you can snap a photo, but you have to email the photo to the person you want to send it to and most cell phones are NOT set up to receive email. This is just wrong! Sure it would be nice if everyone had an iPhone, then it would be a non-issue because you could just email to your friend's iPhone. However, that just isn't the world we live in and it never will be. Apple admittedly only "hopes" to capture 1% of the cell phone market. So they know that most will not have iPhones. Hopefully they will see the light and add this feature via an update.


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