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Invens H3 Stock Firmware Download and Installation Tutorial - Halab Tech Support

Invens H3 Firmware Download: How to Flash and Update Your Phone

If you own an Invens H3 smartphone and want to update its software or fix some issues, you may need to download and flash the Invens H3 firmware. In this article, we will show you how to do that easily and safely using the Smartphone Flash Tool.

What is Invens H3 and why do you need firmware?

Invens H3 is a budget-friendly Android smartphone that was released in 2022. It has a 5.0-inch IPS display, a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a 5MP rear camera, a 5MP front camera, a fingerprint sensor, and a 2500 mAh battery. It runs on Android 11 operating system.

invens h3 firmware download

Firmware is the software that controls the hardware and functions of your phone. It is also known as stock ROM or flash file. Firmware can be updated or flashed for various reasons, such as:

  • Upgrading or downgrading your phone's Android version

  • Fixing bugs or errors on your phone

  • Improving your phone's performance or battery life

  • Unbricking your phone if it is stuck on boot loop or logo

  • Restoring your phone to factory settings

  • Removing FRP lock or Google account verification

  • Changing your phone's IMEI number or network settings

How to download Invens H3 firmware

Sources of Invens H3 firmware

There are many websites that offer Invens H3 firmware files for free download. Some of them are:



Android MTK

[Download Invens Stock ROM for all models (Latest Firmware)](^1^)

Firmware Oficial

[Download Firmware for Invens](^2^)


[invens h33 spd flash cm2](^7^)

You can also search for other sources online using keywords like "invens h3 firmware download" or "invens h3 flash file download". However, be careful not to download any corrupted or malicious files that may harm your phone.

How to choose the right firmware file

Before downloading any firmware file, you need to check some information about your phone and the file. This will help you avoid compatibility issues or errors during the flashing process. Here are some things you need to check:

  • The model number of your phone. You can find it on the back cover of your phone or in the settings menu under "About phone". Make sure the firmware file matches the firmware file name. For example, if your phone model is Invens H3, the firmware file name should be something like "".

  • The chipset or CPU of your phone. You can find it in the settings menu under "About phone" or using a third-party app like CPU-Z. Make sure the firmware file is compatible with your phone's chipset. For example, if your phone has a MediaTek MT6580 chipset, the firmware file should have "MT6580" in its name.

  • The build number or version of your phone's software. You can find it in the settings menu under "About phone" or "Software update". Make sure the firmware file has the same or higher build number or version than your phone's software. For example, if your phone has a build number of "Invens_H3_V1.0_20220222", the firmware file should have "V1.0" or higher in its name.

  • The file size and format of the firmware file. Make sure the firmware file is not too large or too small for your phone's storage capacity. Also, make sure the firmware file is in a zip or rar format that can be extracted easily.

Once you have checked these information, you can download the firmware file that suits your phone and save it on your computer.

How to flash Invens H3 firmware using Smartphone Flash Tool

Requirements and precautions

Before flashing Invens H3 firmware, you need to prepare some things and follow some precautions. Here are some of them:

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  • A Windows PC or laptop with an internet connection

  • A USB cable that can connect your phone to your PC

  • A backup of your phone's data, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc. Flashing will erase all your data on your phone.

  • A fully charged battery on your phone or at least 50% of battery level

  • A Smartphone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool) software that can flash Invens H3 firmware. You can download it from [here] or [here].

  • A MediaTek USB VCOM driver that can recognize your phone on your PC. You can download it from [here] or [here].

  • A patience and attention to follow the flashing steps carefully. Do not disconnect your phone or turn off your PC during the flashing process.

Steps to flash Invens H3 firmware

After preparing the requirements and precautions, you can follow these steps to flash Invens H3 firmware:

  • Extract the downloaded SP Flash Tool zip file and run the flash_tool.exe file as administrator.

  • Click on the "Download" tab and then click on the "Choose" button under the "Scatter-loading File" section.

  • Browse and select the scatter file from the extracted Invens H3 firmware folder. The scatter file is a text file that contains the information of all the partitions and files of the firmware.

  • Make sure all the partitions and files are checked and loaded on the SP Flash Tool window.

  • Click on the "Download" button at the top of the SP Flash Tool window.

  • Turn off your phone and remove the battery if possible.

  • Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable while holding the volume down or volume up button. This will put your phone in download mode and SP Flash Tool will detect it.

  • Wait for the flashing process to complete. It may take a few minutes depending on the size of the firmware file.

  • When you see a green tick mark on the SP Flash Tool window, it means the flashing is done successfully.

  • Disconnect your phone from your PC and insert the battery if you removed it.

  • Turn on your phone and enjoy the new firmware.

How to fix common problems after flashing Invens H3 firmware

Sometimes, after flashing Invens H3 firmware, you may encounter some problems on your phone, such as:

Invens H3 hang on logo or boot loop

This means your phone is stuck on the Invens logo screen or keeps restarting itself without booting into Android system. This may happen due to a corrupted or incompatible firmware file, a bad flash, or a wrong scatter file. To fix this problem, you can try these solutions:

  • Flash another firmware file that is compatible with your phone model, chipset, and build number.

  • Flash the firmware file again using the "Format All + Download" option on the SP Flash Tool. This will erase all the data and partitions on your phone and flash the firmware file from scratch.

  • Perform a factory reset or wipe data/cache on your phone using the recovery mode. This will delete all the user data and settings on your phone and restore it to its original state.

Invens H3 dead after flash or no power

This means your phone does not turn on or charge after flashing Invens H3 firmware. This may happen due to a wrong firmware file, a power interruption during the flashing process, or a damaged hardware component. To fix this problem, you can try these solutions:

  • Charge your phone for at least an hour using a different charger or USB cable. Sometimes, your phone may need some time to recover from the flashing process.

  • Try to boot your phone into download mode or recovery mode by holding the volume down or volume up button and connecting it to your PC. If SP Flash Tool or your PC can recognize your phone, you can flash another firmware file or restore a backup of your previous firmware.

Take your phone to a professional technician or service center and have them check the hardware components of your phone, such as the battery, the motherboard, the USB port, etc. They may be able to


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