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Dmp Remote Link Software

Any User or User Group checked to receive email alerts for an event, are notified with Account, Recorder, Camera, Sensor, Date and Time information as well as a thumbnail image and links that allow additional DMP Event monitoring.

Dmp Remote Link Software


DMP regularly updates the XR550 panel software to add new features and functions. Learn more about the latest version of the XR550 software, panel firmware Version 171, and Remote Link Version 1.80 below.

You can also remotely update panel firmware by visiting the Dealer Admin site. Please note: the release numbering system has been updated as of January 1, 2017. XR Version 171 reflects the new system. 17 is the year, 2017, and 1 states the release number of that year. 171 = the 1st release of 2017. For more information, view the below documents:

HiThis is interesting. That DMP panel does it support? I have a 50xl, I believe and have integrated it to HA by adding a DMP 680 card to the panel. I used a Particle Photon to interface a zone to provide the remote arming / disarming function. It also reports Fire, Burglary, and Ready status via MQTT into HA. Currently working on interfacing NoonLight remote 24/7 monitoring. Which was the missing piece for years.

Since its launch over 10 years ago, the DMP-2831 has become the industry standard laboratory tool for the development of inkjet deposition fluids and processes, with approximately 1,000 units placed worldwide in academic and industrial facilities. FUJIFILM Dimatix is now introducing the DMP-2850 as a significant upgrade to better serve R&D customers with improved cameras, more intuitive application software, and provisions for automated data collection and analysis.

The DMP-2850 includes an embedded 64-bit PC preconfigured with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and updated Drop Manager software. Two high-speed cameras with finer resolution optics provide superior images for drop-watching and print inspection functions. To accompany the hardware changes, the DMP-2850 will build on user accessibility and flexibility with an enhanced software platform. Remote access API and open architecture enable remote monitoring of cameras and printer status. More options for complex printing will be available with feature recognition, auto registration functions, and support for multi-layer printing. Jetting evaluation and drop watching operations will also benefit from automated analysis.

The DMP 128 features gain sharing and gated automixing with eight groups for management of microphone signal levels. When a DMP 128 is linked to another unit through the expansion port, each incoming expansion bus can be assigned to an automixer group.

Dante technology from Audinate provides high performance digital audio distribution over standard local area networks. Dante allows high resolution audio channels to be transported uncompressed across a switched Ethernet data network using standard TCP/IP protocols, while meeting the stringent quality requirements of professional audio. With Dante, DMP 128 AT processors and AXP Series audio expansion processors can share multiple channels of high resolution digital audio with each other over a local area network. A DMP 128 AT can also be directly linked to other processors using the built-in four port Gigabit Ethernet switch, through standard network hardware including switches, or by connecting into a network infrastructure.

A sound system designer can incorporate several AXP 50 C AT or AXP 64 C AT audio expansion processors to create a large mixing matrix with up to 56 remote inputs and 24 outputs per DMP 128 AT. This greatly simplifies scalability and the audio cabling infrastructure. In addition to using the Dante network, multiple AXP Series and DMP 128 AT units can be linked over their integrated four-port Gigabit switches.

DMP 128 C P and DMP 128 C P AT models provide the ability to answer and initiate telephone calls to remote participants in a conferencing session. Two RJ-11 ports allow connection to a POTS line and a telephone handset. DMP 128 P models can be used over the PSTN - public switched telephone network and in a PBX - private branch exchange, and comply with all applicable US and international standards. The DSP Configurator Software facilitates quick and intuitive telephone setup, and includes a convenient phone dialer interface for setup and testing.


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