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How to Create and Share Your Own Rolling Sky Levels with Level Maker

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion 1.7.1 (17/1/2021)Changes-Increased the level upload limit from 30 to 50.-You can now continue offline after creating an account, temporarily bypassing the activation email.-Fuse Laser Crawlers can now jump from a Spring or a Bouncy Ball.-Fuse Laser Crawlers are now pushed down by a Bouncy Ball when moving on a ceiling.-Fuse Rail now electrifies Spring Man when he is in contact with it.-Changed Fire Wall Modifier's icon.-Changed Fire Wave Spawner's icon.-Super Arm now defuses Blast Man's bombs on contact.-The eyedropper tool now copies the 'Weapon' attribute from Weapon Blocks and Barriers.Fixed Bugs-Various bosses and enemies have issues with Jumpthrough Platforms and ladders.-Fuse Crawlers may fall when reaching corners.-When a ladder is above a Jumpthrough Platform, you can climb downward through the platform.-When shooting Freeze Cracker while being between two walls with one tile of space, the projectile is teleported outside of the wall.-Fuse Crawlers may crash the game when the player enters a section.-Splash Woman's fish drop pick-ups.-Splash Woman's fish are invulnerable after being frozen.-While Splash Woman is at the top of water, she may sometimes move away from the player rather than targeting them.-While Splash Woman is on land, if you stand right under her, she will turn around rapidly.-Crash Man does not jump when Roll's charged broom is released.-Splash Woman falling on Jumpthrough Platforms and ladders sometimes plays the falling animation twice.-10 out-of-water Splash Women singing at the same time may crash the game.-Super Arm blocks and fragments can kill Flame Pillars, Elec Beams and Fire Beams.-When moving a Fuse Laser Exit, it sometimes resets its angle.-When spawning, Fuse Laser can damage you from the opposite direction it spawns.-When ending a Dodge Roll while Centaur Flash is active, its invincibility ends prematurely.-Punching a Soccer Ball with the Power Adapter can lead to a crash.-Bunby Catcher can get you stuck against a wall.-Bunby Catcher can make you clip into a wall.-BushBacon's example levels have inconsistent profile icons.-Super Arm's description has a grammatical mistake.-On/Off Switch Timer does not count down properly during Time Slow.-Yamato Spear does not have a description.-Push Blocks and Soccer Balls that are next to each other can kill you if you stand between them while they move up.-Hologran causes a crash if the player is dead when it activates.-The disclaimer shows 2020 for Capcom's copyright year.-If a Jumpthrough Platform is placed two tiles above a ladder, and you climb to the top of the ladder, you teleport on top of the Jumpthrough Platform.-Rolling into Oil Slider with Dodge Roll makes you permanently invulnerable.-Rolling into a Teleporter with Dodge Roll lets you keep your gray outline.-Super Arm blocks break ?-Tanks when held by the player.-Super Arm blocks kill Astro Man's projectiles, causing a crash.-Atomic Chicken can clip out of small 2-tile wide areas.-If Brown falls into a pit, he respawns instantly.-While bouncing on Bouncy Balls, Brown can crash the game during a screen transition.-Super Arm destroys indestructible projectiles.-Using Mirror Buster from Command Selection causes the slide to lock up after you use it.-As Roll with Dodge Roll enabled, sliding with Mirror Buster makes you invulnerable.-Scworm can be hit by Mega Buster projectiles at ground level.-Fork Block doesn't reset its pattern properly when respawning.-Spike Platform doesn't reset its pattern properly when switching sections.-Soccer Ball Jet absorbs certain piercing projectiles.-Scrolling through the music list on the same frame as switching to a different tab (game) may crash the game on certain tabs.-If you continuously perform short hops on a Cossack Platform, it may rise while standing on it.-When dying while uploading a level, one may briefly get a 400 error message.-Bass does not play his Thunder Claw swinging animation correctly.-Crystal Switches that are placed slightly outside the section may still count down.-Spark Shock's description mentions an incorrect amount of projectiles that can be on-screen at a time.-Moving platforms can clip you on top of them when colliding with them on the sides.-When Battan is pushed by a Rolling Drill and the player is pushed by Battan against a wall, it doesn't kill the player.-Soccer Ball Jet can't lift Super Arm blocks created by the player.-Steam can appear on Super Arm blocks created by the player if placed in the air.-One may very occasionally receive a 'The host has banned you from the room' message upon dying on an online level.-Push Block, Battan and Soccer Ball Jet can clip the player into a wall when pushed by another moving platform.-Stacking multiple Soccer Ball Jets and making them go off-screen can crash the game.-You can stand on Spike Platforms when the spikes are on the top after turning them around from the sides.-Electric Gabyoall does not spawn if placed in a section the player doesn't start in.-Destroyed Fuse Crossers and Xtenders can still block Fuse Lasers.-Splash Woman doesn't stop moving horizontally when getting out of water while attacking with her trident-The descriptions for Key and Key Door display the wrong maximum number of keys you can hold.-When on/off ladders are turned active, you zip to the top of the on/off ladder.

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion 1.1.2 (3/11/2017)New Features-Added the Energy Balancer. No need to buy it in a shop, this is always active. Whenever you pick up weapon energy when your current weapon's ammo is full, it automatically refills the weapon with the least ammo.-When hovering your mouse over a favorite, the game now gives you an explanation of dragging favorites to re-arrange or delete them.Changes-Improved performance thanks to texture page optimizations.-When a new version arrives, the game now asks you if you want to update the game, rather than download it.-Reduced Big Fish's hitbox size and nerfed their contact damage.Fixed Bugs-The auto-updater still links to the old domain.-Yoku Block timers aren't affected by Time Slow.-Charged Atomic Fire deals no extra damage against bosses, even when it's their weakness.-Defeating a boss, then going in a teleporter at the right time can cause the game to crash.-Brain Breaks move up continuously when hugging a wall.-Creating a level with nothing as the primary weapon, then re-loading the level causes the primary weapon to become Silver Tomahawk.-If you load an example level, then load another level in-editor and attempt to save it, it says you can't save an example level, preventing you from saving your level altogether.-Jumping on an enemy's head with Top Spin right under a ceiling can cause you to clip.

rolling sky level maker download

An RSR file may also be a game level created for use with Rolling Sky Remake, a fan-made version of the video game Rolling Sky. It defines the level's layout, including what terrain and objects it contains. Players can download many RSR files on Rolling Sky Remake's website.

Level 5: The colors in this level stay the same from start to finish. Expect a lot of jumps, columns, and moving platforms with those rolling wheels. A lot of split-second jumps are needed halfway through the level if you do not want to be blasted by laser beams. There is a very high chance that you can immediately get killed by traps on the first moving platforms right after starting the level. The best chance to avoid this early death is to stick to the right side and move towards the gems as the platform is sliding towards the left.

The Rolling Sky is more than another endless runner for your Android devices. It is a test of skill, quick thinking, and blazing reflexes. Use everything at your disposal to help aid the little red ball in its quest through a series of magical worlds. To this end, your best friend in Rolling Sky is the free app BlueStacks 4. This emulator gives you the ability to play any Android game right on your computer or laptop without the need for wires or extra equipment. Simply start BlueStacks 4 and search for your favorite games in the Google Play store and your off and rolling. Follow the video above for more information about the new BlueStacks 4 and directions on downloading Rolling Sky on Mac or PC.

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As in Super Mario Maker, along with the main contents of the level, each level is set with a style, theme, and time limit. The starting platform is no longer visibly separated from any ground tiles placed beside it, which are instead merged into the platform. A new mechanic known as Custom Scroll is introduced, which allows the player to set a level to auto-scroll, as well as the directions at which to scroll, which can be changed up to 10 times per area. In forest-themed levels, a body of water can be added and/or set to rise and fall at a predetermined speed. In castle levels and nighttime forest levels, the lava and poison respectively can also be set the same function. The player also has the option to add Clear Conditions to their level, such as collecting a certain amount of coins or reaching the goal as Super Mario. Vertically scrolling sub-areas can also be created.

Course World, the online hub in which players can access levels created and uploaded by other players, returns from Super Mario Maker. In addition to being able to browse popular courses, searching by course ID, and download courses, players can now search courses by specific parameters such as style, theme, difficulty, and region, similar to the search function on the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website. Courses can also be searched by tags that have been applied to them, such as "Puzzle-solving" and "Autoscroll". There is also a Hot Courses tab, which shows courses that have a small number of likes, and a New Courses tab, which shows newly uploaded courses. Feedback can be given to courses in the form of text, drawings, or one of 12 Super Mario-themed stamps, and instead of granting stars, players can choose to vote on courses positively or negatively by selecting the "I like it!" or "Boo!" buttons respectively, which are also used in group votes during online play. As in the first Super Mario Maker, the clear rate, world record, and first clear are recorded for every course.


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