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Lip Rejuvenation with Face Yoga

Add more definition to your lips, regain collagen and activate lip muscle strengthening

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Lip Rejuvenation with

Face Yoga

Add more definition to your lips, regain collagen and activate lip muscle strengthening

Full, plump lips are seen as a sign of youth and beauty. This is because, as we get older, the supplies of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in our skin start to deplete, making the skin lose volume and definition. Unfortunately, this loss of volume includes our lips.

Through this exciting course, Keep your lips looking young and beautiful with extensive face yoga exercises and massages for lips and around the mouth.


Are you seeing early signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles around the lips?

Are you seeing a reduction in lip volume which is causing Thinning lips and overall aged appearance?

Are you seeing natural borders of the lips becoming less defined?

Do you feel your lips are becoming chapped and cracked due to dehydration and and dryness?

Do you have "barcode lines" or "smoker's lines"- Vertical lines above the upper lip?

Do you have smile lines or nasolabial folds?

Repetitive facial expressions, such as pursing the lips, have contributed to the formation of expression lines around the mouth?

Is your philtrum elongating?

Have you developed a “sad” mouth?


Natural ageing process

Natural ageing involves a decrease in collagen and elastin production, leading to decreased skin elasticity. This reduction in structural support can affect the firmness of the lips.

Sun Damage

Prolonged exposure to the sun can accelerate the aging process of the lips. Sun damage can lead to pigmentation issues, loss of collagen, and increased fine lines.

Repetitive facial expressions

Repetitive facial expressions, such as pursing the lips, can contribute to the formation of expression lines around the mouth

Reduced oil production and moisture reduction

Due to ageing, dryness and dehydration may result in chapped or cracked lips.

Diet and Lifestyle Influence

what you eat and how you live play a role in lip aging. A diet lacking in essential nutrients, dehydration, and unhealthy lifestyle habits can accelerate the aging process.


Smoking can gradually lead to dry area around the mouth, causing ‘smoker’s line’


Reduced wrinkles and Fine Lines

Strengthening Weak Muscles

Improved Blood Circulation

Relaxation of Overactive Muscles

Improved Muscle Tone



"You can learn lip exercises and lip massages for fuller lips if you are experiencing thin lips with age. Face yoga and face exercises help remove lip wrinkles and prevent them from developing further.

You don't need lip injections they only make your leg muscles weaker with time. Definitely try these natural lip plumping treatments to get fuller lips like Angelina Jolie but without the fillers."


Understanding Lip Ageing

Explanation of the common signs of lip ageing.

Factors contributing to lip ageing.

Benefits of incorporating face yoga into skincare routines.

Understanding the muscles around the lips.

How facial muscles contribute to lip appearance.

Lip Rejuvenation Techniques

Warm-Up and Relaxation Exercises

Gentle exercises to relax facial muscles.

Importance of relaxation for effective face yoga.

Targeted Lip Exercises

Specific exercises to tone and strengthen lip muscles.

Focus on reducing fine lines and promoting lip volume.

Massage and Acupressure for Lips

Techniques to improve blood circulation around the lips

Incorporating lip massage into the routine.

Increases Blood Circulation

Save thousands of dollars on invasive procedures.



Day 1: Welcome and Introduction

Welcome video and course overview.

Introduction to the benefits of face massage.

Setting goals for the challenge.



Identify and Control uneven aging on both sides of face

Improve face posture

Strengthen facial muscles

Reduce facial stress/ look relaxed

Lifestyle habit fixes

Develop an effective skincare routine

Acquire lifelong knowledge of facial fitness and look better as you age.

Increases Blood Circulation

Save thousands of dollars on invasive procedures.

Reduces Stress

Unlock simple Face Yoga routine to exercise specific parts of your face. See Face Yoga success stories

Module 1

Introduction to Face Yoga


Practice facial exercises live with parmita

Module 2

Practice with Parmita


Unlock powerful information about many lifestyle mistakes that harm your face

Module 3

Lifestyle mistakes


Learn the correct technique of the exercises with realtime supervision from Parmita

Module 4

Supervised form correction


Wait there’s more!

This is the first time any facial yoga exercises ever really made a difference. I can actually feel the burn in these. Thank you so much for this course gorgeous.

Stephanie Steed

I’m 38 and I’ve started to notice my lower chin and jaws. I’ve watched and am using 3 different courses. It’s so easy I do these while I take my daughter to school and doing my makeup in the morning!

Deb Brown

Parmita this is so much more than just Face exercise! You bring the joy! My whole spirit feels happy I found you on the tube! Thank you

Susan Green


Emily Thompson

I can't believe the incredible transformation my lips have undergone with the Lip Rejuvenation Face Yoga Course. Living in the bustling city, stress had taken a toll on my facial appearance, especially around my lips. This course was a game-changer! The targeted exercises not only reduced the fine lines but also brought a natural plumpness back to my lips.

Olivia Rodriguez

At 60, I stumbled upon Face Yoga, hoping for a little self-care magic. The targeted exercises not only brought a newfound balance to my facial features but also worked wonders on toning and defining my muscles.

Susan Johnson

I've always been skeptical about beauty programs, but the Lip Rejuvenation Face Yoga Course exceeded my expectations. The city life in Chicago can be harsh on the skin, and my lips were no exception. This course not only taught me effective exercises but also educated me on maintaining lip health. The results are undeniable – my lips look plumper, and the fine lines have noticeably faded

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