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Elevate your presence everywhere you go with a simple 10-minute makeup routine.

10-Minute Glow-Up for Busy Beauties
A Masterclass by Parmita Katkar

Premiere: 22th May 2024

Makeup masterclass-1080x1440.png

10-Minute Glow-Up for Busy Beauties
A Masterclass by Parmita Katkar

Elevate your presence everywhere you go with a simple 10-minute makeup routine.

Premiere: 18th May 2024

Personal Branding Master Class-1080x1440.jpg

Unlock Your Personal Brand Style: Masterclass by Image Coach Parmita Katkar

Unlock your full potential and command attention with confidence through our Personal Brand Style Masterclass led by renowned Image Coach Parmita Katkar.

Course highlight

Understand Your Face and Skin

Learn to choose makeup products suited to your facial skin and shape to elevate your prominent features and hide under-eye bags.

Assembling Your Makeup Kit

Discover the makeup essentials to crack your 10-minute makeup routine. Remove the guesswork, and get the right tools for the craft.

Planning for the Occasion

Be it getting filmed, going clubbing, or working, learn the right makeup for every occasion. Say goodbye to makeup disasters.

Practical Demo by Parmita

Watch Parmita execute the entire 10-minute makeup routine, revealing practical usage guidelines for various products.

Finesse Your Face. Superfast.

Makeup maestro Parmita Katkar presents a masterclass to share simple 10-minute makeup hacks with women who want to create a great impression everywhere, every time. This is where you learn to select the right products suited to your face and skin and apply makeup that amplifies your inherent beauty and makes your flaws disappear. The course ends with Parmita herself giving you practical makeup suggestions and product guidelines.

Is This Masterclass for You?

Is looking presentable and making a good first impression essential for your job?

Do you often feel embarrassed at work because of botching up your makeup in a hurry while getting ready?

Do you struggle to look good after making impromptu plans with friends or workmates?

Do you have to jump from one sales meeting to another with barely any intervals to adjust your looks?

Do you avoid socializing because you struggle with your makeup?

Do you wish to create a bankable personal brand?

Do you regret not looking your best in group photos or videos?

Do you think most makeup tutorials don’t work for you?

Do your friends or family complain about how long you take to apply makeup?

face slim yoga

Creating Great First Impressions 


Being likable is critical in sales or while appearing for job interviews. Can makeup be your friend in elevating the right features and making recruiters see you as a suitable fit for the job? Yes, it can! And a strong one. Learn how to get there with an easy makeup routine.

What people say about the course


“This masterclass was a real game-changer for my makeup routine. It made me realize exactly where I went wrong in my previous makeup routine. Her expert guidance has enabled me to create a better impression at work meetings and events without cluttering my everyday makeup kit. Looking forward to more from Parmita!“


“Looking presentable is a crucial part of my job because my first impression sets the discourse of my meetings with important clients. I desperately needed to figure out how to get my makeup right and in time, and that’s when I came across Parmita’s masterclass: How to Crack a 10-Min Makeup Routine. Needless to say, I signed up and got pretty much what I needed. Thank you, Parmita!“


“I wanted to become an influencer, but makeup wasn’t my forte. So, when I started filming myself, I noticed that my facial imperfections were too distracting on camera. Parmita’s YouTube makeup tutorials brought me to this masterclass, and I thought it offered exactly what I needed. So glad I signed up for it! Keep ‘em coming, Parmita!”


“What I love about Parmita’s beauty insights is that they come from a mother who has gone through the toil of raising children. She has used her modeling expertise to make makeup accessible to us busy moms who have forgotten how they once managed to make heads turn in college. I’ve started loving my face again, all thanks to this masterclass.“

Parmita Katkar is an international Image and Face Yoga Coach. With expertise in Body Language, that not only empowers and defines your personal brand with clarity but also refines your personal style, body language that communicates your brand message and create a social media presence with complete control on the narrative about yourself. 


Crowned Miss India Asia Pacific, talk show host of 8 TV shows, model, actress, awarded with gold plate YouTube creator award, mother of 2 boys and Self-image transformation specialist, Parmita, has created an empire of influence by helping over 4 million followers globally.


face slim yoga

Internet. Camera. Action.


Today, online meetings, interviews, and social media activity are parts of our daily lives. An easy makeup routine that highlights your beauty and helps you look good on camera would significantly improve your social impression, don’t you think?


Parmita Katkar

How will this course help you?

Effectiveness and Ease

Mastering efficient makeup techniques will save you valuable time every day and the money you’d have spent on unnecessary products or frequent salon visits.

Enhancement of Facial Features

You’ll learn to accentuate your best features and camouflage imperfections with precision.

Long-Lasting Results

Parmita’s makeup routine will ensure that your look stays as good as new throughout the day, eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups.

Boosted Mood and Confidence

Looking your best effortlessly translates to feeling your best. With a polished makeup routine, you'll step out the door each day with renewed enthusiasm.


Whether for social media selfies, videos, professional photoshoots, or video calls, applying makeup tailored for the camera makes you look picture-perfect, always.

Impressive Professional Presentation

A well-groomed appearance speaks volumes of you, especially in professional settings. By mastering the art of applying makeup, you'll present yourself with greater professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on colleagues, bosses, and clients.

Improved Self-Expression

Makeup is a form of self-expression, and this course empowers you to explore and experiment with different looks that reflect your personality and style, encouraging your creativity and individuality.

Increased Self-Worth

Investing time in learning and perfecting your makeup routine is a form of self-care itself. It makes you comfortable and happy in your skin, even when you’re alone.

face slim yoga

“I’ll get the groceries tomorrow! Don’t feel like getting ready to step out.”


Do you feel discouraged from heading out for simple chores simply because applying makeup feels tougher? Do you often have to spend an hour on makeup for a 20-minute outing? Avoid the avoidant mindset and do more by learning your new 10-minute routine.


Parmita Katkar



Every face is different in terms of skin, age, and shape. So is the most suitable makeup style for each face. Understand your face before learning your best makeup.



Confused by the makeup jargon and complicated tutorials recommending a sea of makeup products? Discover just the ones you need, including:

  • Primer

  • Foundation

  • Concealer

  • Contour

  • Powder

  • Application Tools



Build a fundamental understanding of how to tweak your makeup style as per the occasion. Learn the best makeup styles for settings/occasions like:

  • Your Workplace

  • Social Hangouts

  • Parties

  • Date Nights

  • Others’ Weddings



Pay attention to detail as Parmita executes the 10-minute makeup routine herself, covering aspects such as:

  • The right order of makeup products

  • Dos and Don’ts in application

  • Product choice for different occasions




Discover the right makeup for your face and skin.

Build your everyday makeup essentials kit.

Learn the right makeup for different occasions.

90-day access to the masterclass

Complimentary access to the course material and exclusive content

Flexible learning environment: progress at your own pace and revisit the content

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$119    $39


90 day access to  course with Parmita Katkar

Complimentary access to course materials and exclusive content

Learn effective face yoga exercises designed to target specific facial muscles and combat common signs of aging,

Flexible learning environment allowing you to progress at your own pace and revisit course materials as needed.

Claim exclusive discount



  • Parmita was crowned Miss India Asia Pacific and has hosted as many as 8 talk shows on TV. Her expertise in modeling and being a mother of 2 makes her an excellent and accessible makeup mentor.

  • What are the products I’ll require during this masterclass?

  • You can buy our course combos at reduced prices.

  • Most face yoga courses offer exercises that are designed to be easy to follow, even for beginners. They typically start with simple movements and gradually progress to more advanced techniques as participants become more comfortable with the practice.

  • The masterclass will premier on 22th May

  • You get a 90-day access once you sign up for it.

  • The first five modules have recorded videos of Parmita. The last module includes a live interactive session with her.

  • No, this course is suitable for all skill levels, including beginners.

  • You'll have lifetime access to the materials, allowing you to revisit them whenever you need.

face slim yoga

“The best makeup is the one that highlights the beauty you already have.“

Consciousness vs. confidence


Parmita Katkar


Learn to effectively blend skincare with makeup for the best results.

Understand how to:

Prepare your face for makeup

Use Gua Sha before makeup

 Remove makeup correctly



Ask Parmita your specific makeup doubts and learn how to keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

Date: 25th May 2024

Complimentary if you sign up before 18th May

Cost after 18th May: $99



Grab the spotlight in video group photos, video meetings, and social media content by understanding the effects of lighting and the correct technique to apply makeup for the camera.










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Get Live Q&A with Parmita worth $99 for free

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