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If you look good, you feel great. But aging can catch up all of a sudden making it tough for any woman to handle. Wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sagging, and haggard faces can affect a woman’s confidence and happiness because it’s hard to relate to this sudden development. 

With face yoga, You can control how you age, prevent and even reverse signs of aging, naturally. With a quick 7-8 minutes face exercise and massage routine per day, you can look like a better version of yourself, unlike the invasive procedures 

Secret 10 point anti-ageing Face massage challenge

Regain the balance of face elements

Add more curve to your smile

Eyes that sparkle



Stephanie steed

This is the first time any facial yoga exercises ever really made a difference. I can actually feel the burn in these. Thank you so much for this course gorgeous.

Deb Brown

I’m 38 and I’ve started to notice my lower chin and jaws. I’ve watched and am using 3 different courses. It’s so easy I do these while I take my daughter to school and doing my makeup in the morning! 

Susan Green

Parmita this is so much more than just Face exercise! You bring the joy! My whole spirit feels happy I found you on the tube! Thank you


"I look and feel younger and confident"

There are two improvements I noticed after doing face yoga. I have noticed that I now have eyelids!:)
I have been doing the yoga for area around the eyes most regularly!:)
Second improvement is that sunken area in the cheeks have filled in a little and  Nasolabial folds
Are less prominent .

I do want to thank Parmita from the bottom of my heart for teaching me face yoga . It has improved 
My looks, I look and feel younger and have confidence it will continue to improve the structure of my face. So I see a bright future for myself!:)
I do mean that!

~ Meenakshi

What defines Parmita?

"If your body can look better with a workout then so can your face! "

Ex-Miss India pacific

Mother of 2 boys

Self-image transformation specialist

Pioneer in face yoga

Parmita Katkar is a Global influencer, self-image transformation coach, Face yoga pioneer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. 

She has empowered and inspired over 2.5 million people, mostly women, globally, through her educational videos, video conferences, and in-person sessions. 

After earning herself the title of Ms. India Asia Pacific in 2003 and Ms. Perfect 10, she pursued a successful career in Acting, modeling, and hosting television talk shows. It was during her motherhood that she found the need to rebrand and relaunch her Personal brand after facing an identity crisis. 

After her own growth escalated dramatically after her shift in Self Image perception,

She now helps other women raise their standards fearlessly to not lose yourself in the world. 

Identify, Value and define your personal brand to who you are becoming with time. 


Parmita Katkar on Youtube

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