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Close-up of facial stretching during face yoga session
 Close-up of skincare products used in the masterclass
 Close-up of skincare products used in the masterclass
Before-and-after images showcasing skincare results
Detailed steps of the skincare masterclass

A magic wand to balance your skin energy, circulation and radiance

Kansa (Bronze) has been a part of Ayurveda for centuries, due to its proven health benefits. In this masterclass, learn how this Kansa Wand, with right oil combination can balance your skin heat, clear out toxins and soothe irritated skin.

You want to improve the complexion and health of your skin in 28 days

You are tired of using expensive skincare products without getting any benefit

You want to setup a natural skincare routine for yourself

You have to learn the correct techniques of using skincare tools and setup a weekly routine

You have been using a Gua Sha for so long, but haven't seen any benefits

You want to know the right Gua Sha for your face and skin type

You want to learn all about the mystery tool, Kansa wand that can pull out toxins and heat from your skin

You want to know how Honey can multiply the benefits you get from your Face tapping routine

You want to get your doubts answered by Parmita Katkar in a live Q&A session



Know your Kansa Wand

  • History of the magic wand

  • Understand metallic composition

  • Various types of Kansa Wand

How it works

  • Understand how it works

  • How to use on your face

  • Various benefits of Kansa Wand

Oil combinations

  • Know the recommended oils

  • Picking the right oil for you

Set up a daily routine

  • 4 easy massaging techniques to include

  • Common mistakes to avoid

  • Correct weekly routine to use Kansa Wand

Facial massage techniques for skin rejuvenation
Detailed steps of the skincare masterclass

Add Honey to your Face tapping routine to get supple skin

Combine the healing and rejuvenation of honey with my popular Face tapping exercise and replace inflammation with collagen production.

Face Tapping exercises

  • Lymphatic Drainage 

  • Benefits of Face Tapping

Honey and Skin care

  • Discover benefits of Honey

  • Know which honey to pick

  • Skin preparation before using Honey

Benefits of Honey Face tapping

  • Understand how Honey Stimulates the skin with pressure tapping to improve blood circulation and collagen production

Set up a practice routine

  •  Learn how Parmita adds this to her skin care routine and correct usage techniques

Remove toxins

Remove Excess Heat

Reduce inflammation

Lymphatic Drainage

Improved Muscle Tone

Improved Complexion

Improved Circulation



Expert-led skincare routines in the masterclass
Skincare tools and equipment used in the class

Not getting visible results from your Gua Sha?

Over 60% users were not satisfied with their Gua Sha routine. And most of it comes from not knowing the right Gua Sha for your face type. Let Parmita illustrate picking the right Gua Sha for you, correct practice routine and common mistakes while using the Gua Sha

Know your Gua Sha

  • Learn about materials

  • Understand various contours and their function

  • How Gua Sha works on your skin

Right Gua Sha for you

  • Best Gua Sha for your face type 

  • Using right oil for your skin type

  • Specific material that suits your face

Set up a daily routine

  • 4 easy scraping techniques to include

  • Common mistakes to avoid

  • Picking right oil with Gua Sha

Care and maintenance

  • Daily care and maintenance

  • When to replace our old Gua Sha

She has empowered and inspired over 2.5 million people, mostly women, globally, through her educational videos, video conferences, and in-person sessions. 

After earning herself the title of Ms. India Asia Pacific in 2003 and Ms. Perfect 10, she pursued a successful career in Acting, modeling, and hosting television talk shows.

It was during her motherhood that she found the need to practice Face Yoga. 

After seeing the dramatic results, she helps other women discover their youthful glow

 Illustration: Benefits of the 3-in-1 skincare masterclass




  • No, It’s a recorded session which will premier on 16 Dec 2023

  • Yes. You will have access to course for 90 days

  • Q&A will be Live on Zoom on 17 Dec, 8:30AM Pacific Time

  • Yes. However, Parmita would be able to answer only a handful of questions in the allotted time

  • Gua Sha, Kansa wand and honey are normally suited to all skin types. However you should consult your dermatologist, regarding usage

  • Kansa Wand is made of a copper, The percent composition varies and has its impact. Parmita will discuss in the masterclass about composition

  • Please feel free to reach out to us on

  • You can write to us on and we will try to look for a slot

Get a bonus recording of Face Yoga community asking Parmita queries on usage of Gua Sha, Kansa Wand and Honey tapping. You get to learn from the experiences and technique related queries of the community





“Avoid spending 1000s of dollars on expensive skin care products, that don’t work. For effective result, you need to address the root cause, rather than solving the symptoms. Balancing skin’s energy, removing toxins and increasing blood circulation is the most effective trio to achieve relaxed, radiant and toned skin”

Parmita Katkar

Global Face Yoga Coach

 Illustration: Benefits of the 3-in-1 skincare masterclass
6 (1).png

90 minutes of value packed, transformative coaching on how to effectively use the

skin care tools and reduce skin inflammation, remove excess heat and get better circulation

  • Learn the correct technique of using a Gua Sha. 

  • Discover the benefits of ancient mystery, Kansa Wand

  • Add Honey to your Face tapping routine to get magical results

You will get 90 day access to this masterclass. Recording of the Live Q&A will be added to the course, for those who couldn’t attend it.




Get 50% Flat discount on the  masterclass for a limited period of time. Use code 'PARMITA30'





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