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what to expect in this challenge?

Learn how to simplify and shorten the process of taking high-quality photos on your phone. Say goodbye to blurry, unflattering shots!

Identify your unique strengths in your appearance and discover how to highlight them in your photos. Let your personality shine through!

Boost your confidence by mastering body language and posture in front of the camera. Project confidence and authenticity effortlessly. Trust me, it gets interesting when you get over saying cheese.

Establish credibility with the guided clothing and styling ideas for visually captivating content. Capture their attention and make a lasting impression.

Master the art of natural light photos and videos. Transform your appearance with the right lighting techniques.

Blush with me -Parmita introduces “Become You” a 5-day challenge designed to help you become your best self on social media.

Each day, we'll tackle a different aspect of your personal brand identity and provide actionable tips and exercises to enhance your presence.

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Whether it's making an impact on a dating website, portraying professionalism on your website or LinkedIn, or dominating social media, you'll master the art of conveying your message through compelling imagery. This course offers a versatile guide featuring 10 must-have poses, and we'll empower you with personalized techniques to adapt these poses to your unique face, body shape, and size.



Increased confidence in showing up on social media

A transformed appearance that aligns with your personal brand

High-quality photos that capture your essence

Improved engagement and connection with your audience

By completing this challenge,

you can expect the following changes

Join today at a 75% Discount
unlock the secrets to confidently showcasing your personal brand on social media. Let's take your online presence to new heights!


most people know they need a clear personal brand, but very few know how to create one
Join today at a 75% Discount


YES! If you think your photos don’t look professional or “like ❤️” worthy.

YES! If you struggle with body language and posture on camera

YES! If you don’t like the way you look in pictures

YES! If you're not able to effectively showcase your strengths and connect with your audience.

YES! If you are tired of feeling undervalued and overlooked on social media?

YES! If It's frustrating to see others thrive on social media while you struggle to make an impact.

YES! If you haven't understood or explored showing up authentically on social media.

YES! If your personal brand is being misrepresented, leading to missed opportunities.


Parmita is an industry leader and one-of-a-kind Self-image Transformation Coach. she’s bringing the best of her expert learnings from the past 25 years into her coaching programs. 

“Your appearance matters. It has a meaningful impact on your life experiences and opportunities. With my effective coaching methods, you can experience a positive shift in personal appearance, faster. Boost your self-confidence and overcome anxiety about self-acceptance”

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