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Personal Branding Masterclass Premium

  • 90Days
  • 5Steps
  • 10Participants


Here's What You'll achieve in this course PERSONAL BRAND SECRET #1 Your Personal Style: Discover How To Develop a Strong Personal Brand Image PERSONAL BRAND SECRET #2 Body Style Understand your true body type, shape, and size so you can highlight your best angles for a confident body style. PERSONAL BRAND SECRET #3 Communication Style Know how to make those first 30 seconds count from your body language to your words and tonality. PERSONAL BRAND SECRET #4 Social Media Style Know how to create an effective online impression and style that attracts and captivates your audience. Add-on 1: Ten Must-Have Poses Guide Add-on 2: 5-Step Style Habit Challenge Add-on 3: Transformation Steps to Balance Masculine & Feminine Energy

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Personal Branding Masterclass Premium, $147.00


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