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Close-up of facial stretching during face yoga session

Body Language Empowerment

  • 30Days
  • 2Steps
  • 7Participants


Body Language for Ultimate Image empowerment Transform your most powerful communication tool, BODY LANGUAGE! In this session you will learn to create an impression that you choose to. Confident body language puts the power in your hands to appear delicate or powerful. - Learn to get comfortable with your body. - Appear more Curvaceous and feminine. - Art of Power Posing and Command respect - Posing tips for photos - Hand gestures - Eye contact This Power packed 1:30 min. session was hosted live and recorded for those who could not attend it + It has some of the most asked questions answered from those who attended the Live session. *This session is non-refundable. You will be given a limited time access to review the session, to make your own notes and practice everything taught in the session as many times as you need to understand the details but it will expire after 3 days.

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Body Language Empowerment


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