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Keys In Kashato Shirts Practice Set

Kashato Shirts is a fictional business enterprise that sells shirts to various customers. The practice set is designed by Win Ballada, a well-known author of accounting books in the Philippines, to help students learn the basic accounting skills for a merchandising business. The practice set covers topics such as journalizing transactions, posting to ledgers, preparing trial balances, adjusting entries, closing entries, financial statements, and bank reconciliation.

The practice set consists of several documents, such as the chart of accounts, sales invoices, cash receipts, purchase invoices, cash disbursements, vouchers payable, bank statements, and other supporting documents. The students are required to record the transactions in the appropriate journals, post them to the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers, and prepare the necessary reports and statements.


The keys in Kashato Shirts practice set are the answers or solutions to the questions or problems given in the practice set. The keys provide the correct journal entries, ledger accounts, trial balances, financial statements, and other computations for each transaction or event. The keys also explain the rationale behind each entry or calculation.

The keys in Kashato Shirts practice set are not readily available online for free. However, there are some sources that offer tutorials or answer keys for a fee. For example, [this Facebook page] claims to guide students on answering the practice set for a merchandising business. [This Facebook page] offers accounting materials, solution manuals, and test banks for sale. Alternatively, students can also consult their instructors or classmates for assistance or clarification.

The keys in Kashato Shirts practice set are useful for students who want to check their work or improve their understanding of accounting concepts and procedures. However, students should not rely solely on the keys and should also study the theory and logic behind each transaction or event. Moreover, students should not copy or plagiarize the keys and should use them only as a reference or guide.


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